Westin Packaged Meats Donates $5K To Bonham Theatre Project

Westin Packaged Meats of Fairbury announced this week that it will donate $5,000 to the Bonham Theatre Project (BTP) as part of their ongoing commitment to the project. Westin Packaged Meats is a subsidiary of Westin Foods, an industry leader in the production of bacon bits, with two plants located in Fairbury.  According to Ron Schacht, Fairbury Operations General Manager, “We want to see the Bonham Theatre Project successfully complete the renovations of the theatre so that the citizens of Fairbury will once again be able to enjoy movies here.”

Westin Packaged Meats Donates $5K To Bonham Theatre ProjectSince April, the Bonham Theatre Project has been active in securing matching grant monies from various sources including The Sherwood Foundation ($50,000). According to BTP treasurer Debby Ebke, “We have contributions and fundraising dollars since The Sherwood Foundation match began on April 17th totaling $21,173. Therefore, we still need $28,827 to earn those matching funds.”  She added,  “Donations of $1,000 or more have a triple benefit beyond helping the Bonham Theatre Project.  They are tax deductible, they are matched by The Sherwood Foundation, and they earn the donor a 40% Nebraska income tax credit.”

According to BTP president Brooke Schwab, now is a great time to donate to the Bonham Theatre Project. “A set of plans has been finalized that will return the theatre to its former glory and donating to this project will not only benefit the donor financially, but contribute positively to the quality of life in our community, long into the future.”

The mission of the Bonham Theatre Project is to rehabilitate and reopen the historic Bonham Theatre as an arts and entertainment venue in downtown Fairbury. For more information log on to www.BonhamTheatreProject.org or on  Facebook at www.Facebook.com/BonhamTheatreProject.